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OLEO&CONTROL SET (4 pcs set)

For professional use only
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OLEO&CONTROL SET (4 pcs set) Tahe
OLEO&CONTROL SET (4 pcs set) Tahe
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Price with VAT : 199,24 EUR
Price without VAT : 164,66 EUR
Converted with VAT:4 961,00 CZK
Converted without VAT:4 100,00 CZK
VAT:21 %
Availability:In stock
EAN: 8426827481464
Volume: 500+500+60+500 (ml)
Professional packaging: 3 (ks)
Consistency: Balzám
Type of hair: Pro všechny typy vlasů
Product weight: 1.93 kg

Oleo & Control is a unique hair product that is able to repair the structure of damaged hair from the inside. It is used to repair damaged hair, which restores lost health, removes frizz, dull tired appearance of hair and overall restores its original beauty. In addition, it is also used to prevent hair damage during coloring.

Instructions for use:

First, we perform a hair porosity test (see video below). In case of hair breakage, it is time to apply the Oleo & Control hair restoration treatment.


First, wash your hair with Oleo & Control Bond shampoo. We dry the hair with a towel and apply a treatment that restores hair health.

To do this, you will need an Oleo & Control Bond booster No.1 and an Oleo & Control Bond fondant No.2, in a ratio of 1: 3. Ie. 1 pump Oleo & Control Bond booster No.1 and 3 pumps Oleo & Control Bond fondant No.2. (for long hair, increase the amount to a ratio of 2: 6). Mix the resulting mixture well and apply evenly on about 3/4 of the length of the hair up to the ends (depending on the damage). Leave on for about 20 minutes in a plastic wrap (warming up increases efficiency).

After the exposure time, wash your hair with Cleansing shampoo and then with Oleo & Control Bond shampoo. Then I apply Oleo & Control Bond fondant No.2 to damp hair as a conditioner. Leave on for 2-3 minutes and rinse again with water. Finally, we apply Oleo & Control Bond fluid fluid No.3 to the towel-dried hair, which we no longer wash off. We then blow out the hair and adjust it as needed. (The whole process is in the video below).

The treatment is ideally completed 4 times in a row, once a month. BX (Botox) treatment is also a suitable supplement.


When dyeing, add 1 pump of Oleo & Control Bond booster No.1 to the paint bowl (ie for 1 dose of Lumiere express keratin hair dye, 1 pump of Oleo & Control Bond booster No.1). Your hair will be protected from damage at the same time as coloring.

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